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December 2014 Newsletter update

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1. CRT Nucleus

The Nucleus group recently welcomed new members, to secure appropriate balance between pharma, devices and diagnostics, both from academics as industry.

The current composition is the following:
Laurence Alliot (Servier), Jeroen Bax, Martin Cowie, Keith Fox, Gerhard Hindricks, Okan Ekinci (Siemens), Albert Panzani (Biotronik), Adriaan Potgieter (Abbott Vascular), Stefan Schroeder (Bayer) with support from Florence Bakry and Muriel Mioulet.

2. CRT plenary meetings 2014/2015

- 14 October 2014 – Lisbon: download the minutes and presentations.
- Spring meeting 2015: Important please note change of date: CRT plenary meeting 11 - 12 May 2015.

3. CRT forthcoming workshops

CRT workshop on “Surrogate & Composite Endpoints” – 21-22 January 2015 – Munich:

> Please find the programme.

CRT workshop on "Acute Coronary Syndrome" – 30-31 March 2015 – London:

EMA requested input from the CRT to support generation of a consolidated STEMI/NSTEMI guideline.

The workshop programme will address discussion points raised by EMA in their “Concept paper on the need for revision of the points to consider on the clinical investigation of new medicinal products for the treatment of acute coronary syndrome”.

CRT workshop on  “Electronic Health Records to improve patient care and facilitate clinical research” – 23-24 April 2015 – London:

- The wider use of EHR provides an opportunity to enhance patient care through the seamless flow of information via interlinked components of a healthcare system, to enhance the participation of patients and healthcare providers in clinical research, and to embed performance measures in clinical practice.  
- The purpose of the workshop will be to engage clinical trialists and representatives of industry, national/regional healthcare systems experts and regulators in the discussion on EHR applicability to clinical trials.  

> Please find the programme.

4. CRT new workstreams

CRT new workstream on Patient Empowerment:

The relationship between the patient and the physician plays a key role and the concept of “patient empowerment” represents a shift out of the paternalistic view where only experts can make decision, where all decisions are solely based on expert opinion, and the patient is a passive recipient of treatment and care.

Considering the broad spectrum of the topic, it was decided to start with a first expert meeting, on 27 January 2015, in Brussels, with the objective to identify, through specific discussion points, the areas in the field of patient empowerment that should be on ESC's radar screen for development:

- appraisal on the current status of patient empowerment in Europe with special reference to cardiovascular medicine
- who are the stakeholders in the  field of patient empowerment and what is their specific interest
- role of the ESC in the development of patient empowerment now and in the future
- patient empowerment and clinical trial
- role of the industry and impact of patient empowerment for the industry
- potential strategies to guide and promote patient empowerment
- role of social media in the field of patient empowerment
- role of new IT technologies to promote patient empowerment (e.g. “measure me” and other platforms)

CRT new workstream on “Quality in cardiovascular medicine and clinical outcome”:

- The ESC, industry partners and governmental bodies in ESC member countries share common objectives in aspiring to “Reduce the Burden of Cardiovascular Disease”.
- Important gaps remain gaps between evidence based + guideline supported therapeutic strategies and a partial uptake of such therapies into practice
- Better performance healthcare systems and better performance hospitals could help reduce these gaps.
- Quality improvement involves the profession and is consistent with continuing professional development objectives, reaccreditation and improvement in quality outcomes.

The first step in the development of this new workstream will be the organisation of a small experts meeting on 28 January 2015, in Brussels, with the objective to identify exemplar projects in Europe where this workstream can build on demonstration projects involving quality improvement : e.g. ACCA project on ACS Management, Heart Failure quality improvement programme or national examples like the acute coronary disease national programmes in Sweden, UK or Denmark.

5. CRT Technology Innovation paper

The CRT Technology Innovation paper was endorsed by the ESC Board in October and has been submitted to the European Heart Journal.