About the Cardiovascular Round Table

An Introduction to the CRT


The Cardiovascular Round Table (CRT), founded in 2001, is a strategic forum for high level dialogue between industry (pharmaceutical, devices and equipment) and ESC leadership to identify and discuss key strategic issues for the future of cardiovascular health in Europe.

Its overall aim is to create an environment in Europe that is favourable to cardiovascular research, innovation, prevention and management, to allow the ESC to leverage its unique position as a broker between professionals, industry and where appropriate any relevant third parties in order to become a key strategic force in cardiovascular health in Europe.

In addition the CRT is meant to serve the ESC as a ‘think-tank’ in which through listening, understanding and learning from each other, strategic priorities for the ESC and its future can be set.


The CRT is composed of a "plenary group", a nucleus and workstreams dedicated to specific projects.

The plenary group meets twice a year: a full meeting in spring and and autumn meeting dedicated to focused discussions per industry sector.

The initial four Task Forces of the CRT had reached their objectives and were dissolved in 2007.

The following Project Teams were assigned deliverables for a 12-18 months timeframe.

End 2008, most objectives from these groups were integrated into ESC activities (ESC Educational and Guidelines Committees) and the project teams were dissolved. 

Since 2009, new CRT Workstreams have been working on the following topics: